Monash-SEU JGS Teaching Staff (Monash)

Master of Industrial Design
No. Institute  Name Current Position and Faculty Contact
1 Monash Bernie Walsh External Consultant, Art, Design and Architecture
2 Monash Ethan (Xiaolong) Wang Lecturer, Art, Design and Architecture
3 Monash Ian Wong Course Director, Art, Design and Architecture
Master of Information Technology Systems
4 Monash Srini Balasubramaniam Professor, Information Technology
5 Monash Vincent (Cheng-Siong) Lee Associate Professor, Information Technology
6 Monash Andrew Paplinski Associate Professor, Information Technology
7 Monash Grace (Jue) Xie Course Director, Information Technology
8 Monash Chung-Hsing Yeh Associate Professor, Information Technology
Master of International Business
9 Monash Kym Brown Lecturer, Business and Economics
10 Monash *Paul Kalfadellis Course Director, Lecturer, Business and Economics
11 Monash Felix Mavondo Professor, Business and Economics
12 Monash Dan Wang Lecturer, Business and Economics
13 Monash Mike (Mingqiong) Zhang Senior Lecturer, Business and Economics
Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies
14 Monash Thomas Chase Lecturer, Arts
15 Monash Vera Gu Arts
16 Monash *Marc Orlando Course Director, Lecturer, Arts
17 Monash Rick (Lintao) Qi Teaching Associate, Arts
Master of Transportation Systems
18 Monash Graham Currie Professor, Engineering
19 Monash Inhi Kim Lecturer, Engineering
20 Monash Terry (Zhiyuan) Liu Course Director, Lecturer, Engineering

* Monash staff who are not Suzhou-based



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