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Double Masters and Master-by-Research Programs
(Please refer to Joint Graduate School:

The Joint Graduate School for Graduate Education is currently offering Double Masters Programs in:

• Information Technology

• International Business

• Transportation Systems

• Interpreting and Translation Studies

• Industrial Design

Master-by-research is mainly conducted in conjuction with the PhD programs (see below). Other master programs are planned and will be conducted depending on the SEU-Monash agreement. Students successfully completing the Double Masters Programs at the Joint Graduate School will graduate with both a SEU and Monash masters.

English requirement (in addition to other (normal) academic requirements):




For accurate details, please refer to Joint Graduate School website:


Joint PhD Programs

Students need to spend at least 12 months research time of the 4-5 years Joint PhD Programs at Monash.

All joint PhD projects will be co-supervised by Monash and SEU staff.

China Scholarships Council (CSC) and other sources such as industry funding will be sought to fund students for their Australian experience, and support supervision and project costs.

For English requirement, please refer to the masters programs. Some courses may have higher score requirements for the English language proficiency.

Thesis for a PhD degree (and Master-by-Research) must be completed in English.

For English requirements, please refer to

International PhD Programs

All international students are welcome to study with JRI.

Students who are enrolled in Monash University are welcome to study in Suzhou for a certain period of time, or to be transferred to our Monash-SEU Joint PhD program.


How to Apply:

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Fees and Scholarships:

Fees: Please refer to JGS and Monash for details


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