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Bioinformatics and systems biology are rapidly growing fields that focus on the complex interactions in biological systems and how these interactions give rise to the function and behaviour of these systems. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology is also highly interdisciplinary and combines competences from areas such as bioinformatics, computer science, mathematical modelling, biology, genetics and biostatistics.



Data on biological systems is being generated at an unprecedented speed by new high-throughput molecular profiling techniques. Consequently, we are rapidly accumulating information about practically all aspects of cell function, such as DNA and protein sequences, gene expression levels and its regulations, epigenetic modifications, post-translational modifications, protein-protein interactions, metabolic pathways, protein complexes etc. No doubt, in Big Data Era, bioinformatics and systems biology are rapidly extending their applications in comprehensive biomedical research fields. Today medicine is now undergoing a transformation of the nature of healthcare from reactive to preventive. The changes is rooted in new science. This change will be catalyzed by bioinformatics & systems biology that will trigger the emergence of personalized medicine – a medicine that focuses on the integrated diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in individual patients.



Owned by all, shared by all, and done by all

Our centre as a public platform is open for all members in Southeast University – Monash University Joint Research Institute. The centre will be directly administrated by the joint research institute, which reflects the idea of ‘Top - Down Design’ of the joint institute. High performance computer is main equipment of our centre. New advent of computational and network technologies bring a revolution in all basic and applied science. As every centre requires high performance computer in their own researches, acquirement, maintenance, management and usage of high performance computer will be carried by a strategy – owned by all, shared by all and done by all.



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