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Existing collaboration

CLC for CO2 capture and Bio-fuel exploitation

  • Student exchange from 2012 – Shuai Zhang, Sharmen Rajendran, Chiranjib saha
  • Ten joint publications in journal and conferences
  • A joint workshop in SEU 2013.07.01
  • Co-application for ARC funding on the project of “Clean utilization of coal”, 2013, $ 450,000
  • Application of “1000 Plan” from Chinese government for prof. Sankar Bhattacharya from SEU


  • Initial funding from SEU for the construction of the JRI in Suzhou (including the decoration of office and lab areas and setup for experimental apparatus)
  • More than five academic supervisors each from Southeast and Monash University
  • Recruitment for four PhD students every year for the first four years
  • Six months – one year at Monash during the candidature
  • Finding support from both government and industries





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