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Centre for Bio & Nano Technology (CBNT)


CBNT's mission is to enable SEU-Monash collaborating innovation using leading-edge Bio and Nano technologies. Our vision is to be the pre-eminent site at JRI for tackling major health problems and diseases. CBNT will provide an extensive array of fabrication and characterization equipment as well as a collaborative environment for engagement between SEU and Monash scientists. CBNT has key expertise with backgrounds ranging from medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and nanomaterial, are working together in solving fundamental and applied problems of modern bio/nanoscience.



CBNT aims for employing imaging techniques, computational and nanoparticle technologies, together with cell and tissue engineering, to investigate the diagnosis/therapy, treatment and prevention of major diseases, such as cancer, bacterial infections, atherosclerosis and birth defects. The research projects will be based on strong collaboration between the SEU and Monash participants, aimed at attracting new students and researchers, and with a strong technology development focus. The main research themes are as follows:

    • Nano/Micro-Devices for Ultrasensitive Detection
    • Micro/Nanomedical Technology in Maternal and Child Health
    • Imaging and Nanotechnology Targeting Cancer
    • Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering
    • Antibacterial Biomedical Devices



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